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Zoe's Well Exists to Provide Resources And Opportunities of Hope that Empower The Poor Broken-Hearted And Those Who Find Themselves Captive Or In Prison By Any Situation . Our Desire Is To Work With Those Who Are Or Have Been Affected By Tragedy From Injustice By Caring For Their Physical And Spiritual Needs As They Move Forward Into Freedom From Whatever Their Sitiuation May Have Been


“God’s greatest miracle is on the other side of your greatest disappointment.” ~Robert Madu 3/15/20

Rachael Prescott grew up with zero tolerance for bullies, cliques, or popular people who were disrespectful. She has never been a fan of people who thought they were better than others and never afraid to call them out. Growing up she was known as the bully’s bully.

In 2010 the Lord sent her on a journey around the world where she saw incredible injustices. She was determined to understand why it was happening, find answers to solve the problem, and fight to do something about it. But her offense with religion and politics in the church, as well as the issues of social hierarchy in the world kept her from moving forward. In fact, the more she got frustrated with these things the harder it was for her to accomplish any sort of reform.

In 2016 she returned to America and went to Montana for a 6-week training that would prepare her for leadership in this sort of work. Overwhelmed by all she had experienced the past 6 years she ended up getting a job at a Lodge in the Mountains of Glacier National Park where she spent 2 years hiding in work and running from her calling instead of returning to Orlando like she knew she was supposed to.  She would go on long, day hikes questioning the goodness of God and trying to understand how humans could be so evil and selfish. But while she was there, she got to work with Black Feet Native Americans where she was met with more injustice. It was here she realized that she was unable to escape the fight for Justice, and that Justice was the platform she was called to.

So, in 2018 she embraced her platform and returned to Orlando, Florida to begin pursuing those justice humanitarian efforts again. But she was still met with resistance. At the end of 2019 ministry was strangely ripped out of her hands and every month of 2020 something new and drastic would happen.

Then, on her birthday in 2020, COVID shut the world down and forced her to live out her greatest fear, forced ISOLATION, leaving her alone with nothing to do and only her thoughts to entertain her. She was terrified by this idea but the Lord promised he was going to do something “beyond anything she could think or imagine” (Ephesians 3:20) and that He did.

The bible tells us that no human can restrain you from living out your call. We are “only restrained by our own affections.” (2 Cor 6) God began to show her how pride and offense are creating greater injustice in the world. People might have the right idea about fighting for justice but offense in their heart discredits their character and their ministry. By causing you to think your way is the only way and your opinion is the only opinion that matters, offense pushes people away that might actually want to help you. It causes you to become stuck. It destroys relationships and creates more offense which in turn creates more injustice.

In this season of isolation, she grew to understand that an event does not have to define the rest of your life unless you allow it to. When she finally realized it was God who chose this platform for her and not man, she began desiring God’s presence more than the approval of man. As she began the process of reconciliation and rebuilding her life, she stepped foot into her promise land and Zoe’s Well was born.  Realizing you cannot judge yesterday’s decisions with today’s wisdom she began to seek the Lord for ways that her life could reflect the life of Jesus and the Justice He brought when he came into the world.

And today her story continues to be written. Where will it go? Only God knows. But she wants to welcome you to join the justice journey with her and write your story with hers. On this journey we will find true freedom and gain the wisdom necessary to learn effective strategy to bring justice into the world TOGETHER. But we cannot do it alone, we need each other. If we were meant to figure it all out on our own Adam would have been the only human to ever walk this earth. Community is important and we hope that you will join the community of Zoe’s Well on this journey to usher TRUE JUSTICE for all into the world.

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