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We are currently in the process of acquiring our first ministry home and looking for financial champions to help us with the purchase.  We believe there will be different seasons of visitors for this home and want to be open to these seasons.  So we are calling this home a transition home.  

Orlando is a city of transition.  There are a lot of mission sending and training organizations here.  Missionaries constantly come and go through Orlando to train and need a place to stay during this period.  Having this transition house could give missionaries and their families a place to call home during their temporary transition in Orlando.


Middle school students are some of our most favorite people.  Not a lot of adults really know how to handle these adolescent tweens. At the same time children this age in the foster system have a harder time being placed than younger children.  We also want to make this home available to house older foster children and teenagers during their transition as well.  

I, Rachael, have the privilege of being friends with some people who had dramatic, life-changing encounters with God while in prison.  Now that they are out, and have a criminal history, they are having difficulty finding a place to live.  Having this home available to them as they transition back into civilization can better their chances of NOT returning to prison.  

Obviously, we won't be having all these people in the house at the same time.  Just as is common with seasons of life, the home will go through seasonal transitions as well.  We just want to make sure we keep the home open to however God wants to use it and want all who support us to understand the nature of this home.  Your financial support will help to run the Zoe's Well Transition Home as well as help us grow to help rescue and restore others in need of a place to call home during their transition. 

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